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By working directly with you, without any middle person, we provide the most efficient, accurate, prompt, and competitively priced translation services.
Maximum accuracy, reliability, and quick turnaround are the basic philosophy of our translation services.
We also apply certain cultural and linguistic nuances, sensitivities, and naturalness in translations, as written by a native Japanese writer. It avoids the awkward word-to-word translations that you often encounter, which are usually automatically done by machine or non-native speakers. As a result, our culturally aware translation services maintain a level of excellence, linguistically and technically.
We are also seriously committed to meet your specific deadlines.
Punctuality is one of the most critical elements in Japanese business culture.
We worked for the following translation work:
* Lexus Magazine (Toyota Motor Sales USA, Inc.)
* Career Architect Development Planner (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)
* VOICES online survey and report (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)
* Agile Leader (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)
* The Interview Architect Express Fast Flip Book (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)
* The Leadership Architects Technical Manual (Lominger International: A Korn/Ferry Company)
* Human Resources in China (Boffin China)

* Nikon Instruments Inc.

(Michiko worked as their exclusive translator for about two years and translated  various documents on daily basis, including press releases, newsletters, emails, research papers, repair reports, presentation documents, speech, manuals, quality analysis reports, minutes, marketing analysis reports, business letters, software specifications, etc)


* Teikoku Databank America, Inc. (database company)
* Toyota Motor Sales U.S.A., Inc.
* NY Foundation for the Arts (NYFA – NPO)
* Brain Lab (medical equipment company)
* Panasonic
* APA International
* Decimus Software, Inc.
* Babylon Expert (agency)
* The Lingoes LTD. (agency)
* Minioni LLC (agency)
* Palantir Technologies (IT)
* Inverse Media (Comic book)
* New Museum in NYC (Museum)
* Sprung Language Solutions (agency)
* ABC Language Solutions (agency)

* Fordam University
* Acclaro (agency)
* NetAgent Inc. (IT)
* Algoma University




* Onsen for all
* U.S. Journal of Academics
* Orient Expat
* Hahn Air Line, GmbH
* Kozue Aesthetic Spa
* Gray Company
* SIND USA, Inc.
* Dr. Ci-labo
* eEntry Corporation
* Ellie’s New York
* Global Players
* Cue Travel Inc.  and more…




* Kozue Aesthetic Spa  (4 color day-salon brochure and spa menu)
* DIC International, USA  (Narration of promotional CD-ROM)
* PHP Inc. (subtitle of business book, “Marketing Cafe”)
* Gatorade (iron man poster)
* Postal Service Agencies (advertisement content)
* Toshin Pack Corporation (product description)
* Bridges to Japan (corporate brochure)
* Various press releases and press kits for different clients




* Status of Food Industry and Case Studies in the United States (for Ministry of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries of Japan) 
* Trend report on Beauty and Skincare Industries in NY
* Marketing Research on Skincare and Cosmetics
* Music Contests and competitions held in the U.S.
* Movement of Foreign Firms responding to NAFTA
* Media Analysis of the Daiwa Bank Crisis
* Report on Commuter Bus Lines and Express Bus Lines into the NY Area
* Report to NYC Garment District
* UK Media Research for the Ministry of Posts & Telecommunications
* Report on Multimedia New Business in the U.S.
* Trends and Movement of U.S. Retailers



■ 個人や企業のクライアント様と直接お取引させて頂くことにより、翻訳代理店を通じた手数料が省け、コストダウンに繋がります。
■ 実際に翻訳している訳者の実態(経験度、日本語への理解の度合いなど)が不透明な翻訳業務代理店とは異なり、直接、翻訳者とのコミュニケーションが取れるので安心です。​
■ 国境を越えて、時差を利用して作業できますので、スムーズ&迅速に作業を進めることができます。
■ グーグル翻訳などのマシン翻訳は基本的には行わず、手作業で作業するため、品質の高さを常に維持しています。
■ ライティングにおける長い経験があるので、単なる直訳ではなく、臨機応変に意訳していくことで、日本語として読みやすく、スムーズな流れになるような訳文を作ります。
★ 翻訳コンテンツについて
■ 書籍、雑誌、ウェブサイト
■ 企業および組織のマテリアル(会社概要、ブローシャー、パンフレット、カタログ、フライヤー、プレスリリースなど)
■ ビジネス書類(ビジネスレター、製品説明、プレゼン資料、マーケティング報告書、名刺、マニュアルなど)
■ クリエイティブワーク(ナレーション、広告コピー、スローガンなど)
■ プロモーション用マテリアル(プレスキッツ、プレスリリース、スピーチ原稿、DVD、ビデオボイスオバーなど)
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