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Research / Marketing:
Research is the first step towards initiating business in foreign countries and is a critical element for success in global business. Market research, competitive analysis… we conduct a variety of research utilizing different resources to assist you in entering into the Japanese market. We compile research results and provide you with an analytic overview.
Public Relations:
Press coverage can have a huge business impact without spending a lot of marketing and advertising dollars.  We closely work with the media to generate press coverage by fully utilizing our wide network of advertising and public relations agencies in the U.S. and Japan.
Promotional brochures, video, fliers, pamphlets, newsletters… from small to big projects… we can assist you in producing bilingual materials including professional writing and creative design.
We provide professional advice for companies doing business between two countries. In the past, we have worked with beauty and spa companies in the U.S. to help them increase awareness of their presence and services in the Japanese community. We have also helped Japanese fitness and cosmetics companies in providing the latest industry information, competitive analysis, and business advice, to expand their business into the U.S. market.
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